SquatchDetective Bigfoot Photo Analysis

The SquatchDetective Steve Kulls takes a look at a photo that has been making the rounds lately in the bigfoot community, to try and determine if it is in fact a picture of an actual sasquatch. Check it out.


  1. It just goes to show how unrealiable low quality photos can be.I really hope someone gets some good quality moving footage some time.A modern equivalent of Patty would be nice. xx

    1. Yes it does Puss In Boots however there are those that accept them without question until proven wrong.

      "It’s either a chimp, or a juvenile hominid. It can’t be anything else." - lktomi

      spot on it's a bigfoot !
      No doubt in my mind about it !
      What a great photo !
      skeptics will be eating crow today and in 2019 !


    2. If nothing else pictures like this show how we can so easily misjudge what we see. It also shows how we see what we very strongly want or expect to see. Isn't it odd that most trail cams will take multiple pics of moving objects, but there always just one as “proof of Bigfoot”? Furthermore Stacy Brown has a rather sketchy history in Bigfoot evidence and even he seems to be making light of this photo.

    3. Let's ask Matt Moneymaker, he likes to chime in here

  2. The vegetation does not look it is native to North America. It looks to be a semi-arid climate like South America or Africa, both of which have lots of monkeys. Based on the relative height to the grass, it appears to be 2 foot tall in the seated position, making it a monkey.


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