Sneaking Up On Bigfoot

From the Squatch Master on youtube:

It's been nearly a decade since this journey to discover Bigfoot first began for us. Along the way we've made some fantasic finds and experienced many things. We've tried to be open and honest about what we discovered. Some may choose to not believe but each and every discovery we've come across is all part of the evidence. Nothing can ever be ruled out.


  1. I was saddened to hear of the passing of one of the pillars of the bigfoot community; Ms. Khat Hansen. Khat was found beaten to death and an official announced that they have detained noted Bigfoot researcher Matt Squatch.
    Mr. Squatch maintains his innocence and is placing the blame on co conspirator John Green even though Mr. Green passed away several months ago. He is quoted as saying that Green "staged" his own death to escape his wife's constant nagging. In a bizarre twist; Mr. Squatch claims that he was "coked up with a trio of bookers " in a motel room in Needles California while the alleged crime was occurring. Mr.Squatch also alleges "that although he looks retarded it is actually a custom built mask that he wears at all times in order to habituated Sasquatch". He is free on a $11.00 bail.

  2. Hi guys it's Khat. It was all a mix up. I'm fine. When they found me I was sleeping. Without my makeup I am afraid I look like a murdered woman ever since zI turned 93. Thanks for everyone's concern!!!

  3. In another exhibition of New Years Eve Hijinks. Utah Sasquatch drank coffee and led the police on 3 state chase before surrendering peacefully. It appears Joseph Smith was right about Coffee being the"Devils Piss".


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