Evidence Of Bigfoot Territory In The UK

More and more videos and reports keep popping up of bigfoot in the UK. While this might seem far-fetched to some, others are convinced there is a bigfoot population there.


  1. Plenty of bigfoot territory in UK. It's called a farm. Isn't that right Itkomi? Oink oink!

    1. I will remind you

      How stupid can you be

      "It’s either a chimp, or a juvenile hominid. It can’t be anything else." - lktomi

      spot on it's a bigfoot !
      No doubt in my mind about it !
      What a great photo !
      skeptics will be eating crow today and in 2019 !


      Nothing but a picture of a pig


    2. ello luv, Are you having a bad day because your Fullham lost to Oldham in the F.A cup ?
      What did you expect Danny stu when you constantly cheer on losers ? you're a failed researcher, a meth head and a pedo so you got the treble of wankdom ain't ya ?
      Cheer up lad, maybe you'll get a sexy bloke as a bunk mate when they toss you in jail
      Oink,oink !


    3. Notice how these cut & pastes persist as more of Danny’s & his love rat’s sockpuppeting gets exposed? Anyone would think they’re rattled about something.

  2. AAH,NO! No Big-feet in the UK! Enough with this European Big-Feet! they just undocumented Muzzy!


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