Bigfoot Sighting and a Close Call with a Serial Killer

From Dixie Cryptid on Youtube: A Sasquatch Sighting and a Brush with a Serial Killer

Two encounter stories. One takes place in suburban Virginia and the story is fantastic. Just listen in and you will see what I mean. The second Story is about some high school boys who try to call at a Bigfoot...and he shows up! I enjoyed reading and putting these together. I hope you enjoy them too. Q&A at the end.


  1. This blog is on life support.Ruth Ginsburg has a healthier outlook.

    1. Pedo Danny stu and his countless sock puppets are to blame ! he needs to be banned so we can all get back to discussing evidence


    2. 9:58 here. I used to post a lot a few years ago. I didn't mind when the comments got off the rails as long as they were funny. I'm as guilty as anyone there. And I certainly enjoyed good debates. Haven't seen either one in a long time.

    3. We could certainly get back to discussing the evidence if there were any credible evidence to discuss. Truly, if people started being banned then there wouldn't be any comments at all as that is all that's keeping this site alive. Just accept it as it is - just a place where you can laugh at the stories and comments.

    4. I'm not advocating anyone being banned. But the humor around here has fallen from Richard Pryor funny to Adam Sandler stupid.

    5. My word, I’m actually starting to think you believe you’re having a conversation with someone.

      D’you know when you claim there’s “no credible evidence” to bait someone into commenting, are those the times when you feel a little guilty for trolling this place into oblivion and think you’d better get the place some clicks?

      Stop crying about Bigfoot, debunk the f’n evidence if it’s not credible and you wanna “discuss” something. There’s a reason you’re always angry at others who have something to offer with this subject, and that’s because you’ve never done anything of the sort yourself.

    6. Keep putting the cheese out and the little mouse keeps refreshing for more.

      No amount of cheese draws the debunkings out though.

      : (

  2. Very helpful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that make the largest changes. Thanks for sharing!
    Get On Top

  3. The blog owner doesn't even read the comments and couldn't care less what people post. If someone came here and threatened to detonate a hydrogen bomb in the middle of Manhattan, the only people to read it would be two or three drug addled bigfooters who are sitting in filthy apartments pretending to be fantasy characters online.

  4. StueyTuesday, May 22, 2018 at 11:32:00 PM PDT
    My mission has been to kill this blog and I’ve succeeded spectacularly!

    StueyWednesday, July 11, 2018 at 4:07:00 PM PDT
    Joe, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve driven out other morons such as Iktomi and Brookreson. They suffered enough brutal beat downs that they eventually surrendered to me. I now own this blog and you should seriously consider leaving yourself before you suffer the same fate as those other dim witted dolts.
    Ha ha ha ha!

    This blog admin doesn’t care, but Shawn used to ban you weekly, Danny-PS. Which is why you have a vendetta against the place and people like us. Having a personality disorder and trying to cope with being a failed blogger and flunking at Bigfoot research... will make a man do some crazy things, eh?

    And the reality is this place had four people coming here tops, one of whom spends his days talking to himself, celebrating his own comments, trying troll people about a subject that he attributed to extraterrestrials.

    D’you know what’s even funnier? You thought your semi-retired drunk ass could career-level harass normal people away and your sockpuppeting would somehow still go unnoticed, ha ha ha!!! And THEN use the same destroyed arguments that everyone makes fun of you for. Not... too... smart...


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