Bigfoot and Dogman Caught Stalking Them

From bigfoot enthusiast Blayne Tyler, video evidence of bigfoot and dogman.

Important footage of Sasquatch and Dogman(Gugwe) Caught continued. I've included some extra clips that were trimmed from original vid. The class 1 dark Sasquatch (top of hill) and the grey Dogman/Gugwe (behind my dog) relocated when I turned back around. Also included is follow up footage where I am still being watched. Rare archive footage in 240p of the two bi-ped subjects caught in the open and in daylight stalking us!


  1. Outstanding evidence ! too bad the video is heavily pixalated otherwise this is top notch stuff.That is a bigfoot in the background spot on !


    1. So says lktomi's sockpuppet. It's ALWAYS a bigfoot...even when it's a pig. Heavily pixelated = top notch stuff - LOL.

  2. I know, right? Like when Bruce Jenner looked like well, Bruce Jenner. Add a little lip gloss and BAM! Instant super model!


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