Young Woman On Horseback Comes Face To Face With Bigfoot

A young woman finds herself in a close encounter with a bigfoot while horseback riding.

I was about 14 years old riding a horse on a ranch that my family owned. The ranch location is Tehachapi, California. I was on a trail going towards the edge of the forest, still on our property. When I reached the edge of the forest, there was a dead cow. It had been dead for some time now, because it was mostly just bones.

When I looked a round, still on my horse. That's when I saw Bigfoot. He was really tall, black and so human like. He looked at me, but was not scared. I said to myself that's bigfoot. Bigfoot had one hand and arm leaning against a giant tree, and he looked to be both man and ape. Bigfoot looked right at me, and we both just looked at each other. I was so scared I turned around and went back to the ranch.

I've block this out of my mind for many years, I believe from being scared to death. I spoke to my Dad about the ranch, do we still own 10,000 acres and the ranch. He said no, and is now 90 years old. I asked him did anybody ever say they saw bigfoot. 'He said yes.' I could take you to the spot where I saw him, and I'm sure someone who lives in that area, would say they have seen him also, why, because he is there.

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  1. Most likely bigfoot just wanted to braid the horse’s hair!

    Ha ha ha!

    1. Do you and Danny braid each others hair in the mirror Stu?

    2. So now Stu ain't Danny? You guys are ass clowns


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