What To Do If You're Face To Face With Bigfoot

What would you do if you came face to face with a sasquatch? Stand your ground? Run for your life? Youtuber and bigfoot enthusiast MattSquatch talks about it.


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  2. Based on personal experience, the only thing that you should be doing is to be talking to them, and addressing them as Sir, or Mr. Bigfoot Sir, or Bigfoot Buddy. Treat them like another human being who deserves respect. Thank them for allowing you to visit their forest. You might ask them questions like, "would you like to be my friend", assuming their behavior up to that point is neutral or positive. If you hear growling or huffing, then I would ask them questions that put them on the defensive, like "Are you growling at me? What are you growling for? What did I do to you? It looks to me like you need a friend. I'll tell you what, I'll be your friend. That means that I will protect you and you will protect me. Every Bigfoot should have a human friend." Then you might talk about why you are interested in learning about them, etc, etc. But the basic point of this instruction based upon personal experience, is that "you talk to them slowly" because they love that. Leave all cameras and guns in their case because you won't need them if you have followed the above procedure.

  3. Shoot it and get a specimen!

    Why is that so hard for bigfoot so-called researchers to figure out?

    1. What happens when you shoot an elephant?


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