The Fouke Monster Returns!

The Legend of Boggy Creek is coming back to theaters, and it's doing it in 4k! The bigfoot classic is getting a makeover, and we can't wait!

1972 Bigfoot horror movie The Legend of Boggy Creek is getting a 4K restoration, thanks to the efforts of director Charles B. Pierce’s daughter, Pamula Pierce Barcelou, who now holds the rights to the movie. The restoration, overseen by the George Eastman Museum, will return the movie to its original Techniscope glory after years of bad prints and cheapo DVDs.

Barcelou posted a preview video (thanks Bloody Disgusting!) that shows just how great the restoration looks. If you’ve seen Boggy Creek before, it’s probably obvious just how massive an improvement this is over past releases of the movie.

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  1. Pamula Pierce Barcelou may hold some film, but she doesn't hold any rights.

    Nobody holds the rights to the original Legend of Boggy Creek. It's public domain.

  2. With all due respect, Anonymous, you should check the U.S. Copyright Office. I do, in fact, hold the COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATE, in my hands. Kudos for spelling my name properly, though! Hope you enjoy the restoration and remaster! And thank you, Bigfoot Evidence, for sharing the good news...I certainly appreciate it! Hope to see you next June! And watch for our bonus featurette...we have 10 additional reels of outtake film! Please be sure to sign up for our email to get the latest 'Boggy Creek' news at our website: Thanks, again!


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