The Dogman Hour

A full hour of creepy dogman stories to keep you awake at night. Just what the doctor ordered. It's even creepier with this guys telling the stories.


  1. Whatever.
    Anyone doing field work, chime in: Are you experiencing tinnitus after close encounters?
    My survey suggests this is a real injury many receive unwittingly. Infrasound damagw is one hypothesis I favor.
    Looking for sincere responses. Know that's a lot to ask.
    Alternative almost as good: ideas travel, share and dissect this one. Consider preventative measures. Be aware, note any hearing changes during encounters, and after. Share.

  2. M.k. ideally, you elevate Anon comment above to blog post. Use question for Header and maybe we can get some engagement with witnesses/researchers. It has taken me some years to accept this data. So many confounding variables, but the tinnitus connection seems to associate with witness experiences strongly.


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