The Bigfoot Of Hiouchi

From PacWest Bigfoot

My wife and I wanted to get away that Christmas, it was the last one where it would be just the two of us, we had just found out days before that we were, well, she was pregnant. And that was not the only surprise we’d get that holiday season either! Actually, we would come to know that there really are some pretty scary creatures out here in the Pacific Northwest, and I mean a menacing kind of scary too! Here is what happened back in the early 2000’s just outside of Hiouchi, California.


  1. This guy...I swear he is the most irritating presenter of bigfoot accounts out there. I wish I knew why he has to drag stories out soooooo long, so stuffed full of info that isnt important. You cant simply FF to the good part, because he yammers and hesitates and adds in all sorts of BS that is unimportant. UGH!!!


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