Strange Texas

This article features Texas as one of the strangest states in the U.S. There are some pretty strange things that take place in Texas.

DAINGERFIELD // The hunt for Bigfoot continues at Daingerfield State Park, where rangers held a weekend of events dedicated to the mythical forest giant. The Longview News-Journal reports that campers gathered for a screening of the 1972 film The Legend of Boggy Creek, posed for photos with a Bigfoot cutout and trekked through the pines on a “Searchin’ for Bigfoot” nighttime hike. The elusive creature failed to show itself, but that didn’t stop attendees from celebrating by dancing to oldies tunes piped through the park’s vintage jukebox.

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  1. Witness reports and podcast of the Yeren in China -

    Also updated sightings map of reports from around the globe...

    1. Forest of Dean reports -


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