Strange But True Bigfoot Throwback With Todd Neiss

Here's a bigfoot gem from the past. An episode of Strange But True starring Todd Neiss, as they look at bigfoot in the Pacific North West.


  1. The truth is that anthropologists know very little and are probably working for the wrong starting point altogether as far as a point of human origin is concerned - all the evidence that is deliberately ignored because it doesn`t fit in is proof they haven`t a clue - they "don`t have a fuckin` Danny" (La Rue) is the most honest appraisal of the current state of affairs.

    1. ^ gorrrh yerss mate yous defnitly tellin` it lark it iss aincha ... gorr yers

  2. of course it is real you stupid cunts

  3. Nobody can milk an ancient sighting from over 600 yards away, like Todd Neiss.


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