Pakistan's Bigfoot The Barmanou

Bigfoot is wide spread around the world, or at least similar descriptions of the beast are. So far that even Pakistan even has their own bigfoot type creature, the Barmanou.

The Barmanou smells like rotting garbage. Supposedly, it makes inhuman, guttural sounds, (like a death metal vocalist) and sometimes it wears skins. In fact, most articles on the Barmanou say pretty much those same things, with some descriptions being more thorough than the others. They all say this cryptid is an ape-man creature residing in the mountainous region between western Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Also, virtually every Barmanou article mentions the investigations of one man — a Spanish zoologist named Jordi Magraner. Tragically, Magraner and a boy were murdered while searching for the creature in 2002.

Their deaths remain semi-mysterious, but it’s often said that violent political changes of the time were a major factor. Whatever the case, Jordi Magraner was definitely interested in the creature, collecting accounts of those who claimed to have seen it.

According to Loren Coleman in his book Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America, Magraner had:

“Collected more than fifty firsthand sighting accounts, and all eyewitnesses recognized the reconstruction of Heuvelman’s homo pongoides [AKA “The Minnesota Iceman”].”

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