Bigfoot Visits Camp

From the youtube channel of Illinois Sasquatch:

Dave and I at about 10:30pm witness a 5ft to 6ft shadow loom up out of a trench that leads to a creek. It was 60ft in front of our sitting position at our camping spot heading from left to right. Was only a second that we saw it pop up not giving us time to see it with FLIR. We had assorted whoops and strange wolflike howls during the night. Did capture some thumps and woodknocks on the recorder.


  1. A new ancestor of the human race has been discovered and she is unlike anything scientists have previously discovered. The skeletal remains, which have been named ‘Little Foot’, reveal that she was a female that lived on Earth 3.67 million years ago and scientists have named her species Australopithecus prometheus.

  2. Absolutely the most ridiculous shit I've ever witnessed. I live in this shitty state. Closet thing I've seen to a primate was the " LOCALIZED METH~CHIMPS!" only other thing you will find in this shitty state is Crime and HIGH-TAXES! No bigfeets here fools!


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