Bigfoot During The Holidays

Bigfoot lore runs rampant. Here's an article about some movies you can find the big hairy fella in if you need to get your bigfoot fix this holiday season.

Some Bigfoot believers suggest he's a missing link; a humanoid great ape clever enough to evade civilization and determined hunters. Others suggest Bigfoot is an alien — bright lights in the sky often coincide with Sasquatch sightings — or an interdimensional creature that can slip through cracks into and out of our world, which explains why a Bigfoot body has never been found.

Wild stuff, I know.

But before you roll your eyes too hard, remember that Washington state really has a law on the books stating it's illegal to kill a Bigfoot — doing so will get you arrested on a murder charge. Meanwhile, Texas classifies the cryptid as a pest, so there's no bag limit for hunters.

Until the snow really flies and we can go looking for giant footprints, here are a few Abominable Snowman-shaped things to check out:

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