22 Cryptids People Search For

Bigfoot isn't the only creature out there evading mankind. Here's some other undocumented creatures that people are looking for.

22 Unicorns in Scotland

These days, pretty much everyone agrees that unicorns aren’t real, but that doesn’t stop them from being the national animal of Scotland. Look closely on any Scottish national coat of arms and you’ll see the gleaming horn and silver mane of this unmistakable creature.

Visitors come from far and wide to bask in the mythology of the unicorn. Some great Scottish estates and hunting lodges feature unicorn horns in their decor, which most believe to be narwhal horns brought over from ocean voyages centuries ago. Keep an eye out for streaks of pure white galloping through the highlands, just in case.

21 Filiko Teras in Greece

Greece has its fair share of mythology and mysticism. It’s the birthplace of gods like Titan and Tritan, whose stories say they were being guarded by dragons and spartan (warriors born out of dragon teeth). One enduring creature of Greek legend is the Filiko Teras.

Off the coast of Cyprus, fishermen and travelers alike believe they have spotted this water creature tangling itself in nets or overturning small boats. If you yourself are planning a trip to Cyprus, don’t fear. Filiko Teras has never been blamed for any human injuries or incidents, earning a name that literally translates to “Friendly Monster.”

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