Trapper Records Bigfoot Commentary

This video has become quite popular, although most have never looked into the story around the video. Parabreakdown offers commentary.


  1. Holmes you've cracked the case! I see silly videos are still presented here and I see they still get exposed just as fast. Well back to the Thanksgiving feast.

    1. Oh thank god for silly videos, eh? Nothing out of the obvious is spared when someone needs self-esteem. Now if we could only find a magic monkey suit? The hoax cult would be fully reinstated.

    2. What IS obvious is that you believe every one of these "silly" videos is proof of Bigfoot. You just can't admit to yourself that it doesn't exist. But hey - you still have Santa Claus.....oh wait!

    3. No words in the mouths of others are spared when someone needs self-esteem! Far easier to beat a strawman, then to be a man and address the core problems that face your cult, eh?

      I tell you what, Pedo, you show me the evidence for Bigfoot is bunk and I’ll be happy to join your cult.

      What ya say?

    4. Please learn the difference between “then” and “than” and then I’ll answer your dumb question.

    5. Typo hunting does nothing to defend your cult. In trying to hide your inferity complex you’re no closer to getting that holy grail of self-esteem, by deflecting from what is allegedly the equivalent of Santa Claus.

      Are you stupid?

      Is “Bigfoot” not so clear cut?

      What is it Pedo?

    6. You commit basic third grade English mistakes in every comment you post even after you’ve been corrected on multiple occasions.

      This demonstrates that you’re stupid, uneducated, and lazy. You don’t want to improve yourself or learn from your mistakes.

      You’re exactly the kind of person attracted to bigfoot and other woo subjects.

    7. Oh I see now. Santa Claus obviously exists because we see him all the time especially around this time of year. He leaves footprints and traces of his Bigfoot is sighted all the time, leaves footprints and traces of his hair (except for the ones examined by Dr. Sykes). Therefore Bigfoot exists! Perfectly clear cut - thanks.

    8. It can’t be nice knowing a stupid, uneducated, azy woo-fan is making you repeatedly flunk at Bigfoot, eh Pedo? Come on, why wouldn’t wanna shut me up? You’ve spent your Thanksgiving worrying about the equivalent of Santa Claus? That’s not healthy boyo... don’t you want some satisfaction?

    9. Nargh!

      That’s what you call false equivalency, dear Pedo. It’s why you’re not getting the satisfaction you need, and resorted to seeking out typing errors (and triple checking your own comments before publishing, no doubt).

      If you want to finally feel like you’re a part of the “mighty cyber-sceptics” group, you’ve got to address the existence of Bigfoot by addressing the evidence like an adult.

    10. You’re really showing off your “inferity complex” today! Ha ha ha!

    11. Oh I bet your laugher is being heard all the way to the Church of Bigfoot Hoaxology.

      You keep praying Pedo, I’ll see you tomorrow.

    12. Given that it really gets under your skin when I laugh at you, I’ll make sure to do it after every one of your embarrassing face plants. Ha ha ha!

    13. D’you know what would get under my skin and embarrass me, Pedo? Was if you delivered on your Hoaxology. But after so long... I’m starting to get a little overconfident.

      None of us come here for typing errors... Remember.

      ; )

      Kiss, kiss.

    14. “I’ll see you tomorrow” somehow turned into “I’ll see you in three minutes.” Don’t worry, I’ll be here tomorrow to continue to humiliate you! Ha ha ha!

    15. Pssssssst!


      Your safe space humiliates about as much as your attempts at Bigfoot, like this;

      Let’s try and keep that our secret, eh?


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