The History of Bigfoot

From The Hairy History of Bigfoot in 20 Intriguing Events
Across North America, giant, hairy man-beasts stalk the land. Screaming, throwing rocks, kidnapping people, leaving enormous footprints, or just hiding, these beasts are known collectively as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Whether they’re a species of undiscovered ape or a prehistoric survival, one thing’s for sure: they don’t like us, and if they’re not too busy avoiding detection, they will attack innocent people and vandalize property. Though mainstream science has yet to catch up there are, thankfully, hundreds of enthusiasts on the case, dressed in camouflage and wielding night-vision and recording equipment, giving up days of their time on the hunt.

At least that’s what we’re told by some small but noisy groups, including a man who unsuccessfully petitioned the British Columbia government to recognize Sasquatch as a species. But even if you don’t believe that an undiscovered monster of such proportions could possibly exist in a large but intensely studied part of the world (76% of Americans fall in this camp as of 2013), Bigfoot is an important part of North American popular culture, lending his name to everything from burgers to horror films and even places. You’ve probably never seen Bigfoot, but you definitely know what s/he looks like.

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