Survive Like A Bigfoot

A new event in Texas is giving people the opportunity to see if they could survive like a sasquatch in the woods. What they don't realize is that by proving they can, they will actually be providing a stronger argument that bigfoot exists.

ATLANTA, Texas—If you find yourself living in the woods, you might make like a real wilderness survivor and cop a few tips from Sasquatch.

That's essentially the theme from the Sasquatch Survival Hike on Saturday, Nov. 24, from 11 a.m. to noon at Atlanta State Park. It's one way to work off those turkey pounds from Thanksgiving.

Kelsey Johnson, park interpreter, will lead hikers on a manageable, one-mile hike through the park to discuss survival techniques that a Sasquatch might use to make it in the outback.

"It's a fun-themed hike, and basically what we do is if there was a Sasquatch living at Atlanta State Park, how would he survive?" Johnson said of the overall concept, noting hikers will play a game as they go while she discusses the skills needed and luck it takes. Everyone can play to see if they survive to the end.

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