Six Months of Bigfoot Images

From the Crypto Reality youtube channel comes another collection of bigfoot images. This series spans a time of six months, and shows you how successful they believe they are in capturing bigfoot images.


  1. Zero images, zero bigfoots and zero brains.
    Itkomi.... Itkomi..... Itkomi

    1. Happy Thanksgiving from the “Stew Crew”!

    2. ^^ Zero life, zero love , zero money but lots of meth that needs to be smoked on the trailer park. That's Pedo Stu Savile in a nutshell
      p.s Stuey, the lads at crypto reality hit the jackpot with bigfoot images every bloody time they go out while you're at home wanking to images of young lads.Let that sink in


    3. You weirdos go ahead obsess about meth, pedophilia, and the spelling of your dumb online role playing names. I’m going to enjoy the holiday weekend. I’ll let the “Stew Crew” take it from here. Happy Thanksgiving!

    4. You’re gonna be drunk at the laptop BEGGING for someone to take away the depression, Pedo!

      I’ll see you in a couple of hours!

      : p


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