Screaming Bigfoot In Kansas

A witness reports a couple different incidents with bigfoot creatures in Kansas. They contacted the Phantoms and Monsters website with their reports.

The first sighting occurred while he and a friend were building a 'fort' structure. It was during the mid-afternoon, and they heard noises in the direction of the cemetery. They both observed a hair-covered bipedal creature briskly walking away from them. At that time, TP could only estimate that the creature was a few hundred feet from them and was unable to give me an idea of the size.

The most recent account occurred on Saturday November 3rd at 11:50 am. while TP and two other friends were in the same general area of the woods. TP initially wrote:

It was well-over 8 feet tall and it was running about 120 yards from us. It was making a loud high-pitch scream that sounded like ooo-yaaaa! My friend first saw it emerge from behind a tree and thought it 'looked like a very large chimpanzee / gorilla mix.' My other buddy said it felt like it followed him home when we left the woods.

TP wondered if they should try and look for it, though I discouraged him from doing so; that I would make arrangements for an investigator to go to the location.

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  1. The bigfoot screamed after having a face to face encounter with Puke Sullivan.


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