One of the Most Terrifying Bigfoot Encounters

There are a lot of intense bigfoot encounter stories out there, but Mike Wooley's has to be one of the most terrifying there is. Listen as Mike shares his story.


  1. i have been abusive and disrespectful here - please forgive my rudeness

  2. When Khat Hansen was attacked and left for dead by two "well known Bigfoot researches" that was a lot scarier that Mikes encounter. The brutes who molested her traumatized her so much she has PTSD. Also one of the "ruffians" wiped her computer and that's why she has zero pictures to back up her fantastic stories. Damn those brutes. She is so kind hearted that she did not allow Kiosa (her personal Steyamah or bigfoot), to tie them in pretzels. She is such a kind hearted and forgiving woman. Viva la Khat! Khat Rocks!

  3. Many people like Mike have been scared """"less by bigfoot. Dogmen also are notorious for their trickster like behaviour by appearing in people's windows at night. Personally I recently had a horrific experience similar in nature that has forced me to undergo psychiatric counselling and use nerve pills. The "Monster" that literally scared me half to death was seeing Brian Sullivan on my new HD monitor. I continue to have nightmares about his face where he actually grins or leers at me! People please be careful and only communicate with this individual via phone.

  4. Same thing happened to me when I first seen Wes Germ.

  5. My wife is in a 30 d day program for "exhaustion" after she saw Mr. Sullivan on a skype call. She was unlucky enough to see Mr. Brian Sullivan on a 70 inch HD TV. I was lucky enough to be forewarned of his "Neanderthal" like appearance and his teeth that any predator would be proud of. Does anyone know if he is actually homo sapien sapien?. I have a connection in Texas who is experienced in running strange DNA. She has actually sequenced Sasquatch, Dogman, Possum and Nephillium to name a few. Cheers all! to be forewarned is to be forearmed.


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