New Family Animated Bigfoot Feature Coming

In a new animated family feature, bigfoot is played by funny man Zach Galifianakis. The movie was created by the same mind behind ParaNorman.

Bigfoot was all the rage a few years back, with Exists and Willow Creek both mining horror from the monster’s considerable mythos. Now, Laika, the stop-motion studio behind innovative flicks like Coraline and Kubo And The Two Strings, is bringing a comic edge to Sasquatch. Missing Link comes from ParaNorman director Chris Butler, who told Nerdist that he was aiming for Raiders Of The Lost Ark by way of Ray Harryhausen


  1. There is also a new reality show called "Fasano family friends" coming in the fall of '19. It shows life in the Fasano household and Tim's obsession with finding a "Skunk ape". Drama ensues when Tim's family turns on him for his ludicrous belief in a magical 9 ft 1/2 ton Monkey hiding in the everglades. It will be on TLC.

  2. No doubt the buffoon, Joe Fitzgerald, will be watching and grabbing his ankles in unison. Silly little pissant!

    1. No doubt Pedo stu Savile will be heading for the local glory hole in the men's lav when he starts watching this. Poor bugger can't restrain himself when cjildren's entertainment comes on the telly


    2. Ha ha - Joe Fitzgerald's alter ego weighs in.

  3. Netflix is in a bidding war as we speak for a reality themed bigfoot show starring researcher Khat Hansen and Brian Sullivan. In the first episode Sullivan comes face to face with a Steyamah (Bigfoot) the terrified screams captured .by the crew occurs when the big guy sees Sullivan at 1t feet. The terrorized creature sounds like a bulldozer as it tries to escape Sullivan's hideous face.

  4. Apparently when Hansen and Sullivan went to pitch the idea to Netflix they mistakenly thought that Khat had captured and tamed a juvenile squatch. It turned out to be "Duke" to the horror of the network execs.


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