Bigfoot Voices Heard

From the Squatch Master comes this video where he claims bigfoot can be heard talking. This video is apparently part of a DVD collection that will be available for purchase according to the owner.


  1. Trying to convince people that bigfoot is talking so they can sell DVDs. Disgusting! Crotch Master is just trying to honey d_ick poor fools like Itkomi.

    1. LOL - you must be the infamous "Stu" and if your not you soon will be after Mr. "everyone is Stu" lktomi reads this. Of course I will be accused of being "Stu" answering my own comment. He will then go into a tirade about people making money off of Bigfoot. For God's sake don't question Chick Chick's story or anyone else's or you will summon him from the pits of hell to bore you with endless comments you've heard a hundred times before.

    2. 8:22, I am actually “Stu” and I only ever post here a few times a month at most. But I notice that the ding dong ikdummy is so punch drunk from the dozens of previous beat downs that I’ve administered over the years that he now believes that everyone here is me! I don’t even have to be here to continue dominating his sorry life! Ha ha ha! Thanks for your work, you’re now part of the “Stu Crew.”

    3. I am not Stu but i am the author of the hilarious first post. You are 100% right in the fact that Itkomi will bore anybody to death if they question his beliefs. He is an obsessed loon.

    4. Hey Pedo Stu (all the above)!!

      Pro tip Pedo... If you’re going to revive your Bigfoot hoax cult, this pillar of faith needs the basic foundation for any alleged researcher’s wrong-doing... Bigfoot being a hoax. In any adult debate, in any of the few attempts made to debunk Bigfoot over the many years, it starts with an argument against the evidence (it’s existence), then why people might need to do that (that would be his money making conspiracy). It’s the cart before the horse, just like when you expect someone to find an intelligent primate without a professional effort.

      Just trying to help!

    5. Try English ikdummy. Oh, and please learn the difference between “it’s” and “its.” This is about the 10,000th time that I’ve had to point it out to you!

    6. Nargh! Who cares about typos? There must be 10,000 of my comments archived on this blog that proves my literacy, Pedo... Can the same be said for you providing a substantial foundation for your hoax cult?

      Stop deflecting! There’s an elephant in the room! Hee hee!

    7. “I am not Stu but i am the author...” There’s nothing grammatically poor with that now, is there Pedo? Didn’t you once claim that after years of spelling names with lower case letters, that it was due to people being undeserving of basic grammar?


      Hey Pedo at 8:22, Remember the 1933, Steelville Ledger Giant photo you had a biblical level meltdown over?

    8. LOL - Do you see? Mr. everyone is Stu"just proved what I have been saying. Every negative post is attributed to the self-proclaimed Stu above. It's quite amusing actually.

    9. Just trying to catch your little sockpuppets out, Pedo. You were on the ball this time... But it’s not like I don’t have a dossier on your crazy ways, eh?


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