Saturday, July 7, 2018

Border Patrol Agent Has Bigfoot Encounter

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U.S. Border Patrol Agent's Bigfoot Story

Few places are more wild and eerie than the vast barren lands of the U.S./Mexico border. The California section of the border is a hotspot for the U.S. Border Patrol to find undocumented immigrants before they make their way into the county. Many of these folks find their way through the treacherous Otay Mountains, which lie just north of the border near San Diego CA. A spooky sighting from border patrol agent Rocky Elmore indicates that it is not only immigrants who frequent these mountains. Bigfoot may actually call this region home.

This harsh terrain has been the backdrop of many tales over the years, including crashed phantom pilots, faceless ghosts, and according to Agent Elmore, Sasquatch. After two decades of service along the border, Elmore thought he’d seen it all, which he details in his book ‘Out on Foot’. That changed the night that he came within close proximity to what he later came to find out was likely Bigfoot.

According to Elmore, he was hot on the trail of some immigrants along the Otay River. A thick, creeping fog settled in when he heard a heavy splash in the water. Although the fog prevented him from seeing who or what crashed into the water, he could sense something that was both large and frightening. A chill zapped down his spine as intense fear filled his body. He wasn’t alone in his terror; coyotes near the water ran past Elmore, retreating from whatever had suddenly made itself known in the black waters beyond the fog.

A colleague operating a thermal scope later confided in Elmore that he had seen a big, bipedal creature with an intense heat signature that appeared to be stalking two agents who were on foot. They never saw the creature, but they were given the order to abandon the area immediately once the scope operator observed the unknown creature, who he termed a large “predator,” noting that the creature had come within just a few steps of the pair of unsuspecting government workers.

This tale is among the most eerie Bigfoot sightings on record. What could have possibly created that enormous heat profile? This account just goes to show that wherever there are vast expanses of nearly uninhabited wilderness, there seem to always be wandering Sasquatch in the fog nearby.


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