Saturday, July 7, 2018

Bigfoot Inherited In Grandfather's Will

From PacWest Bigfoot - I Inherited Bigfoot In My Grandfathers Will...

Bear Creek, well, up Bear Creek outside of Wonder, Oregon, that is where I saw Bigfoot, and had quiet the experience with one. And yes, I inherited that thing from my grandfather in his will back in 1989.

It was, I suppose, a bit of a scary encounter, but like many folks out here, I did not feel like my life was being threatened, I think is was just letting me know he was there was all, but in their own scary manner, but you can judge that for yourself.

Here is my encounter and story of inheriting a Bigfoot outside Wonder, Oregon...


  1. Love listening to the stories . There must be something extra ordinary going on ,
    Strange creatures, supernatural forces, portals, the whole thing is so mysterious !


    1. ^ Reminds him of when he used to receive bedtime stories.