Young Boy Comes Face to Face With a Monster

From the Cryptid Brothers Investigations pocast - 

"BOY'S 1971 FACE TO FACE ENCOUNTER WITH A 'MONSTER'!" Chris called us from Western Florida to share his shocking encounters both as an adult and as a child. He begins with what he experienced hunting in Florida as an adult in 2008, and the fear that came over him, bringing back the memory of the terrifying encounter he experienced as a 7 year old boy in the woods of Indiana. As a boy, Chris hid in an upturned, large tree's root system hoping to scare his uncle while they hunted morel mushrooms. Staying quiet, he thought the footsteps he heard was his uncle's, but when he jumped out it wasn't his uncle!


  1. This guy saw an imaginary creature twice. Lay off the drugs dude. You must have been tripping ballz!

    1. You’re right about that mate , last night I came face to face with a monster - that popped out of a sexy bloke’s knickers !


    2. Joe was out once again looking for success and as he walked along despondently he at last came to a sign that read "looking for happiness ? ...then climb the ladder to success"...and so Joe took his first step upon the rung and began to climb.following the ladder upwards until at last he reached a platform - he took a peek over the top and saw another sign outside of a small tent that again read..."here to success"...full of the joys of life Joe walked into the tent where stood before him was a giant sized black fellah who greeted our Joe with the words "Hi man, I`m Cess"...there followed a happy union of the two seekers.

      True story.


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