Vermont Trail Cam Bigfoot Photo

From - Cliff takes a look at the Vermont Trail Cam Bigfoot Photo.

The Vermont Trail Camera photo was obtained on September 3, 2010 by a man named Frank (last name withheld). Frank and his wife live on a rural property in western Vermont. They own several acres backed up against large expanses of privately owned forest. On their property, there are eighteen fruit trees specifically planted and maintained to bring in wildlife for Frank’s and his wife’s viewing pleasure. In their front yard is a decent sized pond which contains numerous trout, and just down the road from the property is another even larger pond several acres in size. The surrounding hills are steep and thickly wooded making the area excellent habitat for all sorts of creatures. On top of it all, the area has a history of bigfoot activity as well. Several years before the photograph was obtained, one of Frank’s neighbors reported seeing a sasquatch down the road from Frank’s property.

Frank’s wife remembers hearing strange noises in the woods the week that this photograph was obtained. Those noises included banging and strange vocalizations. After obtaining the photo, Frank asked the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department what is in the photograph. They didn’t know, but suggested it was an owl. Thinking this was a ludicrous explanation, Frank later went to Steve Kulls, a New York-based bigfoot researcher who did his own investigation into the photograph. Steve’s excellent analysis of the photo, as well as other background information on the picture, can be found here.

I spent several hours with Frank and his wife talking about the photographs and the surrounding area. I am utterly satisfied that Frank is not lying about the photographs or the circumstances surrounding them in any way.

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  1. Cliff bases his approval on his own judgement, and entirely on the easy to fabricate story that the owner of the photograph concocted and what his wife said to Cliff. This is despite the obvious pathetic tanning job of the bear hide that seen it's better days. But Cliff doesn't care about that because the dude had a great back story.
    1. When husbands are good liars, so are their wives, because whatever motivated the husband to lie, like youtube $$$, also motivates the wife to lie.
    2. Cliff totally botched his analysis of the Silver Star Mountain hoaxed photos so there is absolutely no reason to believe that he has suddenly found sound judgement and analysis skills.
    3. The dude is in possession of a old, torn, fake Bigfoot costume that could easily have been fabricated out of a bear skin since there is no limb or muscle definition, that then implies that he has both experience at imitating a Bigfoot in the past, and experience at fabricating a story to go along with any photograph he may have produced. Which is why he so easily fooled Cliff.
    3. The photo is pathetic and has extra body parts, no defined arms, and significant tear marks from not being tanned or stored properly.

    Strike 2 for Cliff

    1. Bear hide, lol, you're just as clueless as Cliff! What color was this bear??
      Everyone missed the Baby under its chin, with paw.

  2. Cliff is making an analysis based on the assumption that the subject is on the ground. There is no evidence to support that and, given the conclusion of the VFW that its an owl, I would agree. If the subject is closer to the camera and flying, the measurements that were produced are skewed. Given that there is no way to prove this 'thing' is actually touching/walking on the ground, the conclusion that he comes to is not 'scientific' and is simply conjecture based on a personal perception (yet positioned as fact - which is irresponsible).

  3. See those blown out white patches in the feathers? Those show it's very close to the trail camera and overexposed by its infrared lights. So it's not a large primate on the ground. It's a small owl in the air right in front of the camera. Promoting this obviouls owl as "evidence" of bigfoot only makes bigfoot "research" look desperate and gullible.


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