Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tall Hairy Creature Spotted By Iowa Fisherman

Iowa isn't exactly known for their bigfoot sightings, but they do have them. Here's a recent one where a fisherman spotted a tall, hairy creature.

Barnes City, Iowa – According to one Mahaska County fisherman, there’s something tall, fur covered and running on two legs at Lake Hawthorne.

New Sharon police officer Kevin Lamberson took a report this past week stating, “There is a gentleman living in the city limits of New Sharon that advised me that he had seen an unidentifiable object, person.”

Lamberson continued that the reporting party was unsure if it was a person or possibly a bear.

According to Lamberson, the person making the report said, “He had seen this thing on an opposite bank of the lake and it swam across the lake and proceeded to follow him as he left in his truck. He was unsure what the thing was, a person or animal.”

“He said it was approximately six-and-a-half feet tall and very large. Very, very hairy,” said Lamberson of the report. “It was covered in black and brown hair, and you couldn’t even see a face, it was so hairy.”
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