Gone Squatchin with BoBo

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

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In the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant in Willow Creek, in inland Humboldt County, around sunset on an evening in late May, my husband, Joe, and I hold out our palms.I’d been told that before we embarked on a three-day expedition into the Northern California backcountry to hunt for the elusive creature known as Sasquatch, we should get a blessing from Marion McCovey, a 62-year-old Hupa tribal member from the nearby town of Hoopa whose ancestors have been telling stories of the mythical beast for centuries.

My husband and I meet McCovey, who goes by Inker, via our mutual acquaintance with James Fay, a.k.a. Bobo. The 52-year-old California native is as much of a field expert as one can be an expert on a mythical species. Fay co-hosted the Animal Planet television show “Finding Bigfoot” for nine seasons and even appeared on Conan O’Brien’s talk show in 2012 wearing a baseball cap that read “Keep It Squatchy.”

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