Girl Goes Berserk When Bigfoot Approaches Her

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization shares a bigfoot encounter that a couple had that left a woman in complete terror when the bigfoot stepped towards her.


  1. What's this? Some kind of video by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization quoting a report about an incident which happened over a decade ago? Isn't that Kelly Shaw's group? Couldn't he find something more recent? Maybe he should visit Barbara Shupe or Matthew Johnson where they see evidence daily. But even if he did I'm.......

    Not interested. Done.

    1. Poor stuey

      You will never leave because this is the only place you can get any kind of attention.

      It is obvious to all that you are a person with some major problems. I feel sorry for you. I have seen some bad trolls, but you are a sad troll. I don’t know how you keep on going on. If people were to see you in person then they would feel sorry for you also. If only you could make a positive change in your life then you might at least have something, like maybe friends. It’s not to late. You don’t have to be so miserable

    2. I think you meant “too late” MMC/Chick/Fake Joe.

    3. Look at IKTOMI, he's bursting to come back


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