Campers Report Bigfoot Encounters

From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe

Hello everybody! We have some awesome accounts of Bigfoot activity, to share with you in part 4 of our May campout series. Starting off we have a juvenile sighting, then accounts of Gifting, strange voices and other close encounters.


  1. Who are biggest jerkoffs in the bigfoot community? I will start by submitting Dr. Matthew Johnson. A manipulating narcissist who if believed just helped 24,000 demons into this dimension.

  2. Somebody help me. Barb and all those who come to visit here are flat out crazy. They get up in the middle of the night and try to fool each other in thinking they've heard Bigfoot. Behind each other's back they make tracks and place sticks in funny patterns. I ought to know, I'm lying there watching all of it. Throw me a bone here - call the Humane Society. I'm desperate - HELP!

    1. My vote would go to drunken Jerry Cline. I read Tarot and remote view. I would bet any takers $4500 (which I have) that he is eviscerated by a dogman within one calender year. October 2019 is what I see. Jerry if you are reading this and you value your life renounce your invitation to these creatures. You have literally invited demons into your life.

    2. Wes the lying sack of shit Germer and his lying sycophants like Bob Garret. He literally turned bullshit into a cash cow.

  3. I also hate Brian "Puke"Sullivan mainly for his association with proven hoaxer Wes GERM Spreader. His tall tales (40 foot) mountain giants is exactly what I expect from anyone infected by the germ.

  4. Can't argue with chicken scrawled!

  5. WTF!!! I can't read Sunni!


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