Campers Have A Shocking Bigfoot Encounter

Sitting around the campfire after a nice meal, the dogs erupt into barking and take off for the woods. The dogs didn't stay gone long.


  1. Peter Scully without question.

    He was an Australian con-artist who fled to the Philippines after getting charged with fraud. In the Philippines he turned to making child pornography in which he would torture, rape and possibly murder children, record it and sell it on the dark web.

    He's most infamous for Daisy's Destruction, a recording of his accomplice torturing and sexually assaulting girls ages 12 - 3. (Sidenote: Contrary to popular belief no one is actually killed in the video, though one of the girls was found dead after being strangled to death.)

    He is currently in jail in the Philippines. Also one last infuriating note to leave on: There was a fire that destroyed much of the evidence against Scully, and many people believe that Scully bribed a police officer to destroy the evidence.

    So this man commits Murder, torture, rape and god knows what else to prepubescent girls and infants, and today he just lives in a Philippines jail and has his evidence destroyed.

    1. The details of the murders and crimes perpetrated by Nathaniel Bar-Jonah are the things of nightmares, including sexually assaulting and murdering children and (likely) feeding at least one victim to neighbors at a neighborhood barbecue. The torture his victims went through is unfathomable to me, as is the fact that he'd assaulted multiple children and had been caught--but that the information wasn't passed along to his parole officer and he was left to walk the streets and find more victims.

      Also, while it's not confirmed to be true, the details in the letter sent to investigators in the Nyleen Marshall case leaves me speechless with disgust. Investigators seem to believe the letter is legitimate, which means they apparently have reason to believe that the writer's allegations of kidnapping Nyleen (whom he calls Kay, which is Nyleen's middle name) and subjecting her to daily sexual abuse in the form of eating his semen, may be true.

      Along with Nyleen, the other case I'd most like to see resolved, that of Racine County Jane Doe, is heartbreaking, and it's hard to read the details of the condition of her remains or the ongoing torture and abuse she obviously suffered.

    2. So do you think Bigfoot is real?


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