Saturday, June 30, 2018

Botanist Has Scary Bigfoot Encounter

From PacWest Bigfoot - Botanist Has Scary Encounter With Bigfoot Near Darlingtonia, California

I am a botanist, literally, and I had a Bigfoot encounter near Darlingtonia, California out in the Redwoods back in 1991.

I actually work as a lab rat currently, but for almost a decade and a half I was doing a lot of research for the State of California through a program with a university here, but I'll keep all that to myself for now.

Anyways, I was out camping and doing the research and studying that many botanists do when on, well, a short sabbatical if you will in the Redwoods when I was literally harassed by one of these large primates of the Pacific Northwest, and yes, it scared me to death!

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