Bigfoot Voice Heard Outside Travel Trailer


About a week ago, now April 6 2018, I heard loud vocalizations, 1 then a silence and 2 min later 5 to 7 in a row. The next night my husband heard loud what he said sounded like tree knocks. That same night, I was in our travel trailer alone in bed when I heard a voice outside the window. Nobody was around and then the trailer started moving. No wind or anything organic to make it move. We live across the road from a clear cut logging area and there is woods all around, we live on a lake and have a creek running through the property.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rob P.

I first spoke with these folks by phone only several days after they filed the report and was finally able to match our schedules to meet with them at their residence on May 5. Their home is located in a sparsely populated area, in the western foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It is situated on approximately 2.5 acres that slopes to the south. About 1 acre of the property is fenced pasture, although no livestock is there at this time. The house was built in 1900 and was vacant for one or two years prior to the purchase late in 2017. The property is bordered by trees to the west, south (with a lake beyond that), and east and a two-lane blacktop road and steep hillside to the north that is heavily timbered except for roughly 5 acres directly across the road from them, that has recently been logged and cleared. The nearest neighbor is to the east (through timber and brush) approximately 50 yards away. There is a year-around creek that flows through the woods at the east edge of their property.

They currently reside in a 24′ travel trailer in the driveway next to the house that is being remodeled. The trailer is parked lengthwise east to west with the entry door facing north. I spoke to them independently and jointly and both were very clear on what they have experienced and when. The tree knocks and the vocalizations have all emanated from the tall, steep hill to the north of their residence, occurring over several nights and always between 1am and 3am. I played the 1994 Ohio Moaning Howl recording to them and they said it was similar but what they heard was higher pitched.

He is usually up late at night and often goes outside for a smoke. On the night of April 6 he had walked from the trailer to the creek between 1 and 2am to smoke. His wife awoke when he exited the trailer. After a few minutes had passed and while she was standing, she heard unintelligible muttering outside and then a hard push or jolt on the north side of the trailer. A little while he returned to the trailer and she inquired as to who he was talking to and why he pushed the trailer. He denied having done any of this and claimed to have been smoking by the creek.

For the rest of the report, click here.


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