Strange Lights and Bigfoot

From the Trail To Bigfoot youtube channel.
Many times lights are reported in and around sightings and active Bigfoot areas. Should this phenomena be subject for consideration or is it reckless and just going down rabbit holes with using unknown to explain the unknown.


  1. News Flash! Every paranormal forest person that has an orb phase, and most of them do, can make a brilliant flash of light from that orb phase. The bigger the orb, the bigger the flash. For instance, a Bigfoot has an orb phase. From that orb phase they can light up a 150 foot diameter half sphere of forest, as if it was full daylight. But this only happens for a split second like a camera flash.

    1. Locals won't go to a lake in the forest because they see flashes of light and call it Haunted Lake. My dad saw it in daylight, described it as similar to lightning. The same lake where we encountered a 10' bigfoot.


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