Giant Footprint Found in Alabama

Jonathan Odom gives a preview of what he says is the largest bigfoot track he's ever found. According to him it's absolutely huge! Check it out.


  1. Whats larger than a bigfoot turd and works for this site?- me

  2. Obviously Odom is tired of Nathan Reos antics of finding abandoned homeless shelters on the edge of town & accusing bigfoot of making them & collecting the trash piles around them.

  3. The worst hoaxer is Wes the germ and his shitbag brother. I noticed he had another well known hoaxer Bob Garret who played the participants on his trip a recording of a gorilla. Just ask Sharon Legro or Will Jevning how honest he is.

    1. Disagree, worst hoaxer is that buggyeyed freak from the willowcreek bookstore. He makes up a bigfoot experience to get on national tv, tells the local paper the marten is endangered to get a spot in the paper & then travels to Oregon to plant fake bigfoot tracks.. Believe you give credit to wrong individual for #1 hoaxer in bigfoot world. Steven is champion hoaxer.


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