Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Florida Bigfoot Hunters Say They Have Something!

The Trail to Bigfoot team are excellent at doing dramatic teasers, and this one is no different. What have the guys discovered? Check out the video for clues.


  1. I bet that they end up with no proof.

    1. No, they have found absolute incontrovertible proof. Scientists across the globe agree: Bigfoot is definitely real. Everyone can stop searching now. Shut this blog down and end all of the TV shows.

    2. Stop crying about “proof” when the creature that’s made you a 24/7 cry baby has been shown by scientific standards to be leaving its sign in two continents.

      Eh Haints... Fasano, Biscardi, nuff said. That read like a plea for the world to forget “Bigfoot”, Freudian slip? Feeling bitter about something?

    3. Stuey is a downer

      Not Joe