Sunday, May 13, 2018

Bigfoot Tree Peekers

From World Bigfoot Radio

After the possible "Tree Peekers" were spotted last December, in video taken in September, I released a video as a closer look at it, "Possible Tree Peekers" which itself was video from the Pattee Canyon #7 video, on followup to an area where Bigfoot build/change stick structures regularly, and also reinvestigated the possible connection between tree snaps and navigation. This video is a follow-up to the "Possible Tree Peekers" vid, in this one we go to the same location in March, as soon as snow cover permitted, and try to line up matching shots of the spots we found the original possible tree peekers in, in the September video. The results are not only surprising, but require us to make yet another trip to the area to make a follow-up to THIS video. Frankly, parts are pretty creepy. Not recommended for those who are easily frightened, but otherwise family friendly.


  1. Nothing to see here. Just more BS from the crackpot bigfoot community. What a bunch of weirdos and liars.

    1. Your being awfully harsh. They obviously need a little fantasy in the daily drudge of their lives and look to others with like-minded beliefs. It's a harmless obsession they indulge in and makes them feel special to be in a group of "knowers".

      Or they could just be a bunch of weirdos and liars.

    2. Stuey is extra angry I’m not around for him to self-medicate his self esteem issues.

      “Many cyberstalkers are obsessed, unstable, or otherwise mentally ill. Still, others are simply angry or hurt and have crossed the line into criminal activity when expressing these emotions. While they can exhibit charm and eloquence, they are generally isolated and desperate, have very low self-esteem, and are especially sensitive to rejection.”

      This corrorlates with his behaviour after nobody found his Skinwalker-Tree-Squatch theories cool. Who claims people with like minded beliefs are “looking to feel special in their daily drudge of their lives”? Well ironically, someone with projectory issues, and far more genuine issues than the lost Stuey reeled off above.

      “Since a sadistic person is characterised by being vicious and degrading toward others (sometimes physically), it’s possible that the internet allows them to redirect their energy. If they’re inflicting harm through anonymous words, perhaps it’s preventing them from doing something much more destructive in person. On the extreme end, and unsurprisingly, sadism is commonly seen in sexual offenders and serial killers.”

      “Without face-to-face presence, a potential troll is more likely to perceive others as a 'target' rather than a real human being," he told CNN.
      If anonymity is one factor, psychological and emotional issues are another, according to Suler, who says many trolls likely have problems with depression, low self-esteem, and anger.
      They want to inject their own emotional turmoil into other people by luring them into negativity. It's a way for them to feel some kind of control or power over their own disruptive emotions, at other people's expense.”

      But he’s only gonna **** off to this.

  2. Montana big sky country, beautiful place. Much to see and do.

  3. Much to see, like Bigfoot tree peckers, I love seeing those big tree peckers

    1. Pack your bags and go visit there then.

  4. He dont have no money to go no where.