Angry Bigfoot Encounter at Monte Cristo

From the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization - An eye witness recounts his encounter with an angry bigfoot in a hot spot sighting area known as Monte Cristo.


  1. Great lie! These bigfoot believers are gonna eat this up. I urge people to stop the lies. It has already ruined Stikky Ikkys life and that retar d Stuey has just made things worse. Show some compassion please.

  2. What's this? Some kind of video of an eyewitness telling of his experience to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization? Isn't that Kelly Shaw's group? He sure noticed an amazing amount of detail in 4 or 5 incredible amount...a tremendous amount...okay I think he's lying therefore I'm...

    Not interested. Done.

    1. ^ Pick the corn flakes out of your teeth steve. FYI Steven is head cornhole at coalition of turd bangers & has always been rmso biggest fan

    2. ^ Gollums main squeeze.

    3. I see Stu has chosen this thread as his exclusive private corner to really play with himself. Don't break it off weirdo.

    4. Jamie is gollums lover

    5. ^ Have to roll Jamie in lots of flour if you want to find his tater hole. Other wise you may end up turdbanging a fat roll.


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