Friday, April 13, 2018

Terrified Hunters Chased from the Woods

From Bigfoot Evidence

Outdoorsmen and avid hunters with both their firearms and cameras had a terrifying night when Bigfoot visited their encampment.


  1. Hi guys..I am posting this link to a youtube site that I think you may find relates to a new method a "finding" things/shapes/creatures that are invisible to us and there is some "evidence" that the uploader is providing..I guess you`ll need to be pretty open minded about this but what the hell, is worth a look and from what I have seen so far it is worth taking a look..the initial images shown are of "something" present in an area set up for research and there is indication of a positive outcome..take a look..then the rest is up to you..

    1. ^ hey - don`t tease the guys here - some of `em take it darn seriously and can easily become "triggered"...hah haha hahaha

    2. Shadow Creature CAUGHT ON CAMERA with AUDIO this a bigfoot and a howl captured here?

    3. ^ it`s an owl ya` loon

    4. ^ Please go Away if you are not interested ^

    5. Good read about a missing 411 case.....

    6. hah haha hahaha 7;29 is triggered

      is that you Joe ?

      hah haha hahaha

    7. Stuey, shouldn’t you find this stuff fascinating since you believe Bigfoot are Skinwalker-Squatch? Don’t be scared, don’t project being “triggered”... Let other people use this forum to exchange ideas.

    8. Of course it's not me you ninny. Have you nothing better to do than waste your time on here trying to prove bigfoot doesn't exist ?
      i got sad news for you , bigfoot does exist - deal with it bozo
      that bit of advice will cost you £3


    9. ^ ooh we have 2 triggered fools for the price of one - although they`re bioth the same person

      haha haha hahahah

    10. wow I`ve seen some shit here on this blog but ikkydummy is as stoopit as they come - ikkydummy has been outdone and outshone by his antagonist (ikdummy`s own creation) and ikky is now living in the dark and dank shadow of The Stuey.

      haha haha hahahaha ya` fucking spastic

  2. something happening in the woods and national parks

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