Saturday, April 28, 2018

Bigfoot Seen in a German Swamp

From the British Bigfoot Report:

Tom is an avid outdoors man. He does a lot of fishing. This encounter has scared him and it sounds like he does not want to return to that part of the bog where this creature came up to him. If we get any more information on this sighting in Germany we will make sure to post these updates.


  1. First and i can't wait to see this xx

  2. This report is plainly ridiculous. No wonder Bigfoot is no longer taken seriously when it is reported just about everywhere.

  3. Funny , I thought Samsqautch was a North American problem? Freaking Germans,Brits need to worry about your Muzzy, and knife violence. Leave the Bigfooting us Rednecks here in Merica! MAGA# 3:16 #Rosco4315# Hell ye!

    1. ^ Huh, you`re joking...they even got `em running around the best camping and fishing spots of the UK...can`t a man get any peace ?

  4. Bigfoot in Germany = Asinine