Thursday, April 5, 2018

A Wolfman is Spotted in Arkansas!


A man in Cleburne County says he and his friend came across a humanoid with a “wolf head”.

Technician Chris Branch told Cryptozoology News that his next door neighbor was the one to actually see the creature back in February. The man specified a location but it will remain undisclosed in this report due to privacy reasons.

“I have heard it moving around but haven’t seen it. My buddy Dell one night could not sleep, it was around 2 a.m.. He said he had a strange feeling and went to check on his horse, so he grabbed a flashlight,” the 33-year-old said.

Reportedly, as he approached the horse, everything seemed normal. However, he adds, when he pointed the flashlight at the edge of the woods he noticed an unusual shape.

“It was sitting close to the ground, very still, but he couldn’t make it until he got closer to it. So, at about 30 feet or so he stopped and noticed it was moving,” Branch explains. “At first he thought it was a very big man wearing black and digging his fingers in the ground, but as he spoke to it with a very loud voice, this thing stopped what it was doing, looked at Dell and made eye contact.”

He goes on to say that when his neighbor realized it was not a human being, “fear came over him”.

“He backed away from this thing. He knew it wasn’t a bear or a dog, he was more of a body builder with a wolf head”.

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