Thursday, March 15, 2018

Two Bigfoot creatures Spotted Near Stonehenge

From the British Bigfoot Report

I have been looking for somewhere I could report a strange incident from last month that happened not to far from Stonehenge. Myself and my Mother saw something that we just can not explain, it was quite far away so I didn't get a close look at the faces or anything, but you could tell it wasnt people and I'm used to seeing cows and farm animals from far away, because there's animals everywhere in Salisbury, as you drive you get used to seeing animals or wildlife in the fields, but these were not Cows or Sheep, these"figures" stood out as odd, there were two really big "figures" in a faraway field that were standing upright and striding along quite fast together, one was light brown the other one was darker, they were moving at a fast pace away from us. We both were so shocked and we kept asking each other if we both definitely saw that.


  1. Yo G, bigfoot don't exist dogg. Word up and busta g funk on the flip homie. Wooooooooord!


    1. Bigfoot is real, because there is reliable scientific evidence for it that not even the most qualified people can explain away.

    2. 1st poster nothing but click bait.

  2. This is just sad.

    This is why nobody takes bigfoot believers seriously.