Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trucker Has Bigfoot Encounter

A trucker has a terrifying encounter with bigfoot one late night on the open road. That was when a myth became reality in the trucker's world.


  1. I have come to the conclusion there is nothing more to be gained by posting here. I understand the confusion when some may ask why I come to a Bigfoot site when I don't believe in their existence. I confess it's now mainly out of mild curiosity and for the occasional entertainment value. My days are becoming busier and often when I do check in the posts where I may like to comment are long past. Although I have had a long interest in cryptozoology in general, I have to acknowledge little progress has been made in proving these creatures actually exist. To be sure new discoveries are being made every day but they are not of the creatures I had such fascination for such as the Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, Thunderbirds and of course Bigfoot. I now sadly have to conclude they simply don't exist.

    I realize that many argue there is evidence for such creatures such as footprints and multiple witnesses. I acknowledge there is indeed a mystery to be solved. I believe I read where lktomi offers that there is little evidence to conclude that Bigfoot is roaming the British Isles however he has heard from witnesses who he seems to have high regard for their truthfulness. I agree that it seems unlikely that everyone who says they have seen a Bigfoot is purposely lying so what is it they think they actually seeing? There are many explanations of course but it has interested me all the same that they feel so compelled to conclude it's a Bigfoot and share their story.

    I think this debate will continue on in infinity with skeptics not being able to prove conclusively Bigfoot does not exist and of course without a body part advocates cannot prove that it does. As long as some believe, Bigfoot will live on in our culture and minds.

    Some will deem this insincere but I truly hope Bigfoot and all the other creatures of legend do truly exist. Not only will it give me hope that there are mysteries that still have basis in fact but it will give me faith in the truthfulness of my fellow man - which I have to admit has been pretty shaken by following this website and the stories presented.

    The person who has occasionally used my posting name is now free to use it all for him/herself as I won't be needing it anymore. I'll return if something substantial is reported on national news but for now I will just consider it a closed chapter.

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    2. That’s a shame, but keeping busy is never a bad thing I suppose. You take care Mr Curious. Be sure to pop by whenever you can.