Sunday, March 11, 2018

Peace With Bigfoot

Tim Fasano gets a bit philosophical as he takes a look at the mystery and peace surround the bigfoot phenomenon.


  1. One of the best LARPs in footing history was when joe f LARPed as a brand new poster here named iktomi. He gave up that LARP after a while but to be honest you have to commend the effort on that one.

  2. Fasano is one of the true giants of the bigfoot world. He is the fifth horseman of bigfoot.

    With the passing of John Green, Grover Krantz, and John Bindernagel, Fasano is taking the mantle as one of the horsemen of bigfoot.

    1. Tim Fasano is more honest than Bob Gimlin that is a fact.

      He is out there looking and reasearching in the brush.

      Gimlin just collects checks for a hoax he pulled half a century ago.

      At least Tim does not lie to us like Gimlin does.

  3. 4:01 & 11:16 Are both Fascano! No one could possible give Tim any credit in the Bigfoot community! He films himself, and TOTALLY WASTES PEOPLE'S TIME!
    You are a complete fraud Tim!

    Mark my words Ikdummy, within a month after Gimlin dies, the truth will come out!

  4. Oh, and Ikdummy, save yourself the trouble of commenting on my posts, i don't come back and read the responses, why bother debating with someone who's too lazy to take a pic and prove me wrong, who's hung up on fake Patty as being real, never says anything bad about all the waste your time researchers who NEVER have proof, and can't recognize true research!
    Total waste of my time. And a complete was of you life Ikdummy. You're not interested in the truth, not one bit! All you do is troll the true evidence, and push the fake!