Monday, March 19, 2018

Is This Man Hoaxing?

For some reason, people enjoy hoaxing in the bigfoot community. It happens constantly. Bigfoot Tony made this video exposing another bigfooter that has a moving scar.


  1. FIRST

    go suck a caulk Joeyboy

  2. What? People hoax bigfoot? Since when?

    1. Yo diggidy dogg, people hoax biggie all the time G. Biggie aint no realz homie. Know what I'm sayin?


  3. This was up loaded because the people, Bigfoot Tony and Deborah Hatswell, British Bigfoot Reports, were discovered trying to cover up Deborah hatswells hoax of a Bigfoot in the middle of Manchester, A large city in the UK. Since that they attack anyone who dares to point out the obvious!

  4. This was uploaded because your a faker and a liar,, you even went Anon on here you toady little shit,,
    Here is a story all about how,, your lie got flipped upside down,
    If you would like to take a minute and sit right there
    I tell you about a faker named Eddie Adair,,,
    He tried fake an attack in his neighbourhood,
    But tony spotted he was upto no good,
    He made one little clip and it went viral.. Sending this fool into a meltdown spiral.

    I pulled upto to google about seven or eight
    Tony said "Deb seal his fate"
    So I made a sure that he would be dealt fair
    And I outed the fool called Eddie adair.

  5. The Hatswell hoax is so easy to spot, just look up the story. The Bigfoot avoided millions of people in Manchester, never mind making its way past thousands of houses, shops busy city streets and thousands of cctv cameras. Lair. I urge everybody to google where she had the sighting, not, and ask her how it came to be there. You dont have to believe me, look it up yourselves.