Friday, March 23, 2018

Bigfooting Can Be Dangerous

The Trail to Bigfoot team is back at it, and pushing their luck it seems. The fellas have a close call, and check out what happens at the end.


  1. ikdummy accused me of taking words from his comments and using them in my own:

    IktomiFriday, March 23, 2018 at 2:34:00 PM PDT
    Haven’t the words “maniacal” and “bipolar” been used in comments about you the last couple of weeks? Nice to know you’re broadening your vocabulary... but how does this relate to debunking Bigfoot?

    His “proof”?

    IktomiMonday, March 19, 2018 at 10:38:00 PM PDT
    Argh yes... that for thousands of years, have led to a 100 role-playing strong secret society that contribute to the Bigfoot multi-million dollar empire. All manaiacally laughing & plotting taking the pop culture world over.

    Notice the time? 10:38 PM.

    AnonymousMonday, March 19, 2018 at 8:38:00 AM PDT
    The only true statement in your maniacal series of comments is that I control you. I am in your brain so deeply that you wake up at 4:00 AM and furiously respond to me. You obviously have nightmares about me! Ha ha ha!

    Notice the time! 8:38 AM!

    Oopsies! Someone has figurative egg all over his face! Ha ha ha!

    1. And by the way ikdummy, this relates to bigfoot because it glaringly demonstrates the appallingly low level of your analytical abilities.

    2. IktomiWednesday, February 25, 2015 at 3:38:00 AM PST
      That's unless you think the conspiring, smoky room maniacal laughing hoaxers are out to get you? Anthropomorphism does not account for the time frame where indigenous cultures have passed oral history down through generations as written text can be manipulated, and it is one heck of a leap of faith to suggest that for ten thousand years, different cultures residing in the US have been a part of the same secret society gorilla suit wearing people saying "boo" to people, when the natives never had an idea what an ape looked like, and so many early Europeans in the US thought native customs undesirable... Bearing in mind this time frame has transitioned into modern mediums with modern anecdotal, physical and biological sources of evidence. The "lie" is this conspiracy of everyone all out to get you... Kind of makes you sound "kooky", if I'm honest.

      Oopsie daisy, doodle-doo!!

    3. So tell me Stuey... how does that, with all your analytical superiority and crime fighting vigour, relate to Bigfoot as far as you’re concerned?


      U MORON

    5. Step crying about it... Prove it... Einstein.

  2. ikdummy, it’s nice that I’m teaching you to incorporate new words into your limited vocabulary, but please try to spell those words correctly! Ha ha ha!

    1. The only thing you’ve taught me is how far the pathologically obsessed will go to role-play away 60 years of physical evidence, some of which is now peer reviewed.

      But you are saving everyone from the “real harm that fringe pseudoscience can inflict upon the world”... after all.

    2. You're the King of role playing away the evidence Ikdummy! I told you i'm not going to read your uneducated responses. You wrote a book of responses all for NOTHING, just like your waste of life.

      60 years of Physical evidence Peer reviewed? BY WHO, NON RESEARCHERS??
      The only person who has a clue of what's going on in the woods that doesn't research is Bigfoot Tony. I've told him a few time that he needs to, it will help him deal with the hoaxers better.
      I don't believe for one second you're from the UK, but i got a few kaboom's from a movie in the UK! So if you really are, that makes you look even more stupid!

      Oh, and by the way, the BFRO had Allegheny count ( where i live) listed as the # 1 county in the world for reports and sightings, #1 Ikdummy, So who's lying? Everyone in Allegheny county? The BFRO? Or YOU? The BFRO, Residents of Allegheny County, and MYSELF, have all proven they are right here on local walking paths Ik-epic-failure!

      What have you PROVEN??????? That you're really Joe F, a non-researching Troll, who supports other non researching trolls.

    3. Your county might have the most sightings reports... but you’ve not captured one in a photograph. I bet Tony rolled his eyes and through, “who the heck is this coconut”?

      Please Bruce, where do you think I live if not in the UK?


    5. You’ve woke up in a bad mood? That’ll be the knowkgde that Bigfoot exists.

    6. No, you're the one who hasn't/can't take a pic. Tony has checked a few of my vids, and has them moving.
      So Ikdummy, where's the PEER review on other researchers evidence other than Patty?
      Where do you live? Why don't you take a pic of yourself, and prove who you are and where you live?


  3. That was a big cottonmouth. I wouldnt want to get bit by that thing. You wear snakeproof boots in that kind of country and dont travel alone.

  4. These 3 three amigos still have not figured out what they are up against. Although they state that they are pursuing proof of something with "predator equivalent invisibility", they apparently have not realized the Bigfoot/Skunk ape's greatest ability. Which is telepathically eavesdropping on their thoughts, their prayers, their dreams and their conversations, from up to at least 1000 yards away. That observation is based on my own personal experiences. So when they stand at ground zero, and describe on camera their camera trap setup, they are telling the prey everything. And consequently, dooming their research to total and absolute failure. But lets assume that they got a still picture of a skunk ape. Then what. What are they going to do with it? If they show it to any of the local law enforcement, they will shut down their research area and/or warn these three against harassing the local wildlife. If they take the pic to their congressman and ask for laws to be passed, the congressman will do nothing because they have all been already informed that the Bigfoot/Skunk Ape are real. Thea Congressman can't get into some public education program because they won't be interested in causing the public to panic about millions of invisible 800 lb telepathic monkeys roaming this country at will. Ultimately, their picture will be either confiscated or stolen and that will be the end of their research because they will finally have learned their lesson. Which of course is, don't mess with mother nature.