Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bigfoot Runs From Fire on Video

Was bigfoot captured on video running away from fire, or is there a simpler explanation, like a leaf stuck to a spider web?


  1. Why even bother posting something thats to far away to positively identify?

    1. Because if it were close enough to identify positively, then it would obviously not be bigfoot. That’s another one of the paradoxes built into deranged footer belief.

    2. ^ basic theory psychiatrists use analysing footer nutters

    3. Yet when something IS in focus, or even provides motion or size outside of normal human capabilities... it’s always a “man in a suit”.

      "The Hoofnagle brothers, a lawyer and a physiologist from the United States, who have done much to develop the concept of denialism, have defined it as the employment of rhetorical arguments to give the appearance of legitimate debate where there is none, an approach that has the ultimate goal of rejecting a proposition on which a scientific consensus exists."

      “Where’s the specimen?” You’d merely claim it’s a hairy tramp and that it didn’t count until we found another one. Bigfoot psuedosceptics love taking the time to listen to all the radio shows and watch all the YouTube videos (which is probably more than what enthusiasts find the time to do), and generally spent significant amounts of every day of their lives looking at something that they find disagreeable. Don't you think that's a little bit of an unhealthy interest that requires a genuine emotional investment? Time and time again, the notion of Bigfoot "sceptics" having more of an obsession than its believers is very much substantiated. Bigfoot pseudosceptics are clearly way too invested in what other people think about this subject, it the idea that “monsters” are real, and that's a far more fascinating area of psychology than anyone being intelligent enough to understand the frequency of evidence and invest enthusiasm upon it.

      And on top of that... you have psychologists writing articles on troll psychos.

  2. I remember this so called was debunked easily wasn`t it by scientists.

    In actual fact,scientists say it is all a fabrication and the thing doesn`t even exist... they say it is all in the mind of people who need something in their lives and so they make stuff up to get famous.

    1. Got a link?

      D’you know what real academics are saying about troll, that...
      “Psychological and emotional issues are another, according to Suler, who says many trolls likely have problems with depression, low self-esteem, and anger.
      They want to inject their own emotional turmoil into other people by luring them into negativity. It's a way for them to feel some kind of control or power over their own disruptive emotions, at other people's expense.”

      And that...
      “Many cyberstalkers are obsessed, unstable, or otherwise mentally ill. Still, others are simply angry or hurt and have crossed the line into criminal activity when expressing these emotions. While they can exhibit charm and eloquence, they are generally isolated and desperate, have very low self-esteem, and are especially sensitive to rejection.”

      And in fact, for something to be peer reviewed, it means here is an amount of scientists who believe the data being published is worthy of consideration. In this instance, something like physical evidence, which is fundamental to fields like wildlife biology... holds key data that cannot be the result of merely being in someone’s mind. There just so happens to be people who have access to the internet when they shouldn’t, and pathologically need Bigfoot to not exist so much, that they will do anything to control that.

      The majority of psychopaths come from sad family backgrounds, and this is generally what shapes the psychopath's brain. A baby learns that when he/she is scared, crying brings a parent and he/she is not scared anymore. This is a baby's first ever understanding of the world around them. Neglect means crying, crying means being scared, being scared means stress... & stress results in heightened cortisol levels in the brain that in turn leads to a permanently damaged and defective brain in the prefrontal and paralimbic regions. The same thing occurs to the young child’s brain should they experience any level of severe trauma. In later life, the psychopath's need for control guards against what threatens (scares) them. Kind of like the comment section of a Bigfoot blog, where any civil exchange of ideas might threaten the psycho-nerd's little world inside his bedroom, about monsters outside in his backyard.

      And Bigfoot exists, because not only is there evidence for it... but some scientists who have actually looked at the evidence, state it does.

  3. It does seem hard to believe that people have been looking for sasquatches for over 50 years with still no proof that has convinced science.

    The most likely scenario is that bigfoot is folklore and doesn't actually exist.

    1. For something as large as “Bigfoot” we have a very reflective level of evidence, and if this creature does exist (and based on that evidence, something with the same anatomical feet most certainly does), then it would naturally have to have evaded classification for hundreds of years. So what is 50 without a major consorted professional effort at getting to the bottom of this "mystery"?

      Rhetorically demanding proof when there hasn’t been one single professionally funded study, and when the creature in question is already shown to exist in the physical evidence it leaves, is futile. There have been very primitive hominids that lacked the evolved brain capacity and intelligence of later hominids, that have been shown to have buried their dead.