Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bigfoot Body Recovered According to Mystery Letter

Mountain Beast Mysteries talks about the Miller document - a mysterious letter containing detailed, scientific information about bigfoot being observed in a laboratory setting.


  1. This was debunked by scientists after extensive research..the conclusion being that bigfoot isn`t real..that is why scientists don`t bother with,Stephen Hawking said so.

    1. Got a quote or a reference from Hawkins, having based such an opinion off the back of looking at the evidence? For example, look at the type of credentials the experts who are aware of the evidence...

      (Ian Michael Redmond OBE FZS FLS (born 11 March 1954) is a tropical field biologist and conservationist. His career spans more than 30 years in which he is renowned for his work with gorillas and elephants. Best known for his work with mountain gorillas, Redmond has been involved in more than 50 documentaries on the subject for, among others, BBC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Redmond was also involved in the film Gorillas in the Mist spending some time with Sigourney Weaver so she could better understand her character.”

      Plenty of scientists have invested enthusiasm in the existence of “Bigfoot”, because of the sheer amount of anecdotal evidence that is supported by physical evidence.

  2. Stephen Hawking passed away recently, so he cant speak for himself. I have never found anything about Hawking and any statements about Bigfoot.